Throw away the ashtray!!!

Our Bottom Coil Cartomizer(BCC) tanks fit all EGO thread batteries and function better than their predecessors. The CE4+ systems use a long wick that causes more problems than it solves in our experience. This is why we do not carry long wick systems and only promote BCC tank systems. We do the experimenting so you don't waste your money doing it. These are reasonably priced at $6/ea. and will save you at least that in headache and fluid loss not to mention the wick issue. Please go to our product page for more information on how to start saving today. 

What to expect from your PIT BULL VAPOR ECIG

1) You can expect to have a fatter wallet due to the decreased cost of operating a digital cigarette to regular ones. 

2) You will not smell like an ash tray and you should start to notice smells that eluded you before you started vapeing.

3) You can spend time in places that smoking prevented while still getting your nicotine.

4) You can decrease your nicotine levels while pacifying your oral fixation even after you have no nicotine being consumed.

5) You must clean the tank and inner shaft at least every 10 days to be sanatary and change the coil about every 2 weeks for best results.

6) We cover our batteries for 3 months.

The skinny on E-Fluid

E-Fluid has many labels and come from many different places but one constant remains the same...nicotine. Most fluid contains Chinese Nicotine since they are the only ones who are really producing a commercial supply of it. This means that US companies import the Nicotine and mix it the States so it can be labeled "Made in America." This issue will be resolved when the US plants come online in the future but for now the Chinese have the market cornered. 

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